Mark Randolph takes its
love of spirituality and
fuses these ideals into
their eclectic music.
They are devoted to a
path of inquiry that
leads to self-awakening,
inner peace, acceptance
and unconditional love.
This band is
unquestionably a
product of the media
age – they masterfully
synthesize the past and
the present. their
underlying essence is
from the soul.   
Drawing upon a
kaleidoscope of
influences: rock, funk,
psychedelia, soul, blues,
experimental and jazz –
The Mark Randolph Band
creates a body of work
that is unpredictable,
vibrantly rich in texture
and bursting with ideas.
Their true identity lay in
it's underlying soul
combined and textured
with today’s new sounds.
“We recognize the limitations of our intellect and the wisdom
of our hearts. The past does not exist. The future will never
come. There is only this ever-changing moment. We groove,
make music and flow with the NOW”….